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My name is Allen and I'm a 19 year-old student


What career do you study?

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my major is communications design

After a failed font licensing negotiation, this guy asked me what the inspiration behind the font was. I honestly didn’t remember since I made it 5 years ago but started giving some background as to why I made the font.

Basically some time in high school I went through a phase where I tried making everything from screensavers to icons because I was really into customizing my new PC. My first font was a handwriting font and though it did really poorly compared to other fonts uploaded to that month, I checked back several months later to see that it was still averaging 30-40 downloads a day which was exceedingly high compared to my stats on I realized got a lot of traffic and thought it’d be cool to beat my school’s website in google search ranking so I made another font named after my high school.

This ended up being quite a long e-mail reply (I didn’t include all the details here) and it got me feeling a bit nostalgic. Back in the day I would follow these things closely and knew who all the top font authors were and who had strong monthly drops. I checked up on all my old font ‘heroes’ to see what they were all up to now. Only one of them (Andrew Hart, a.k.a. dirt2 or Andrew2) is still actively making fonts which was kinda saddening but at the same time expected. Sent him a long message through the contact form on his site telling him how he inspired me and seeing what he’s up to haha. Hopefully he replies.

It’s funny too because his style is totally opposite of anything I’m currently into, but at the time, my 16 year-old high school self thought he was the coolest guy ever and would try to imitate everything he did haha.

But I look at his site and don’t think anything bad of it. Like it makes me really happy to see his work. Kinda like hearing a song that isn’t great, but it was your favorite song as a kid so you still think it’s awesome hahaha. So many feels…

I am curious as to how your shots with christen harper were lit? I can tell by the catch light some sort of lighting was used? I'm guessing a balance of window + speed light? I love your work by the way.

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straight window haha


Been around 2 months since my last one of these haha. So some of this is kinda old but for the sake of my future self looking back on these imma try to include all the cool stuff that’s happened in the past 2 months.

Started school at Syracuse again. Been pretty chill, have been getting along more with my professors and enjoying school more. Also noticed my photos have been generally warmer in color than my past Syracuse albums so perhaps that’s a sign that I’m happier. Or maybe it just isn’t winter yet haha.

The poster I made for The Flash ended up getting published on a few billboards and was their fb cover photo for a while so that’s pretty exciting!

(my dad with the billboard version which has cleaner type than online)


Have been working on a online koi fish/watergardening community. Originally pitched the idea as a joke but my professor liked it so I ended up spending like 6 weeks working on this hahaha.

some screens from the project:




And a delivery box for koi fish you order from their store.


The duct tape is actually conceptual and I’m pretty proud. Koi fish can be like over 100k if you didn’t know but they’re essentially carp which are seen as like pest/weed fish when they grow out in the wild because they are brown and large and ugly. So like duct tape is normally the same thing but I added some dope brush strokes to it and now it looks pretty.

Also doing a lot of shoots for school stuff recently. Nothing huge, just campus publications. But it’s nice because they contacted me first this time around asking to shoot so I was allowed to make some requests like more creative control and I only wanted to shoot the main feature/covers hahaha. I had actually contacted 2 of these publications when I was a freshman and one of them never replied, and the other said they’d put me on a wait-list and then I never heard from them. Found this old e-mail I sent to them when I was a freshman and thought it was pretty amusing haha


I never got a reply to this hahaha

Here is a bts shot from the shoot for that same magazine today with oneisone:


Working on some new projects for design class now. Basically making some American Horror Story posters for a western-themed season. Will post about that soon, very excited for it! Hopefully it turns out well.